China Free Christmas -The Ongoing Saga

After our trip to the mall, I realized this Christmas may go down in history. Sj was bouncing from rack to rack in the Disney Store, making mental notes of all the junk she wanted to ask Mr. Santa Claus to bring her Christmas morning.

Here's a snippet of my experience:

Sj exclaiming with excitement, "WOW! Look at that, a Polly-Pocket-esque grand plastic castle, with a prince and princess. WOW, This is amazing, a talking plastic dressing table. Did you see this Ariel, I don't have one of these?! Wait until I see Santa!!!!"

My mumbling reply, "Sj, you already have the Princess Story Book Castle and almost all the princesses in that size! Yes, that's nice darling, but you don't have any room for it in your bedroom. Gosh, that Ariel has a creepy distorted face (they have a weird line of barbie like dolls & a line of more normal ones).We probably should wait until we get back from California to start making Christmas toy decisions, they have so many new and exciting toys there!"

We shuffled our way out of the Disney Store only to walk right into Santa's path. We were above him, so we waved. Sj could not get over her direct interaction with Santa even if we were a balcony apart from him! I played into it, I can't believe Santa remembered you, I think he even said your name. We didn't do pictures, because I forgot my digital camera. It's like $20 bucks to get your picture taken with Santa these days. I promise, next time. Although after this experience, visiting the mall with children doesn't seem to be too smart.

Unfortunately, Santa isn't bringing any Disney-Potentially Toxic-Overly Marketed-Break In a Week-Toys to our house Christmas morning, for Santa is shopping online this year. Santa already dropped a bunch of loot at Nova Natural of Vermont.

Here are a few things Santa is delighted to deliver to our door:
I saw these wooden walking blocks and was mentally transported back to my pre-school years. Can anyone say, Romper Room!! I can't wait to see my 4 year old on these! We even bought the sling, mommy loves her sling, Sj needs to wear her babies as well.

These are playsilks. Sj has a few of them already. We are expanding our color selection. Sj is so creative with them, we use them for dress up, for imaginary play with dolls, even for her wig on Halloween! We even bought our little munchkin a baby peek-a-boo silk in orange, so she can delight us with her fun tricks.

Sj has given GL one of her dolls, but GL needs some things of her own. Little Pink friend. She loves babies right now, she just points at them, smiles, and always wants closer interaction.

Hopefully the mass marketing that oozes into Sj's reality will be fleeting. I know my heart will be more content with toys that I believe have some magic in them.


  1. very beautiful stuff! ks

  2. Nice stuff and I agree! Besides it's cool to buy from small local vendors. I also found this list: and pretty much anything on


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