Election Tuesday, VOTE!

I grew up going to the polls with my parents. I recall passing through the curtain, staring up at my mom manually click her votes in the big metal machine, and then pull the big handle, right to left, to cast her votes in one big woosh! Then, we'd go home have dinner and watch the election coverage on television. Those moments obviously left an impression on me. I've missed one election since I began voting at 18 and it just happened to be an off election year, the November following Sj's birth. She was my free pass. I still wish I went to this day.

This year's election is a small one, but an important one. We will be electing a new mayor in our town. I believe there are 6 circles for me to punch out or fill in, whatever the protocol will be. I opted out of a mail in ballot, I want the girls to share in the experience, going with us to participate in our little piece of government. Every year Sj gets an "I Voted" sticker to wear on her coat, a proud badge, just like mom.

No matter where your live, I hope the polls are still open. Visit your city's webpage or newspaper, find out what the issues on the ballot are. Take a moment out of your day and VOTE!

Here's a timeline of Legal History Of Women in USA , you might just learn something new, print it out and read it when you're waiting in line to vote!