On our excursion to the other side of Denver this past weekend, we indulged in a little Fatburger love. I believe there is only one Colorado location and boy is it a TWO THUMBS up in my book! I am not much of a burger girl, well, I like my sundried tomato-feta cheese-spinach homemade turkey burgers. So when it comes to beef burgers, I am picky. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. The burger was seasoned to perfection, a hint of pink inside ( I loathe bloody burgers), and it was so juicy, maybe too juicy! I indulged in the Fat Fries and J was delighted with his onion rings. My one suggestion is to bring along baby wipes, or plenty of napkins. We all had t-shirt stains to remember our experience. I guess we were too into the food to notice we were being slobs!I highly recommend giving it a try, if you are in their neck of the woods.

Ummm, we were so excited to get our burgers, we don't have a "freshly arrived" photo, only the aftermath photo!I guess that's a sign of a damn good burger!