goodbye November!

The last day of November is the unofficial last day of Fall for me. Time to move on autumn, Eco-Cycle will no longer take leaves in their organic matter recycling. One could assume we would have taken care of the leaves months ago, but the leaf duty around here is cyclical. We have a ginormous Cottonwood in our backyard. I think back to our love for the old thing when we bought the house. Now, if I had the extra $2,500 hundred bucks laying around, to kill a tree , it would be fueling the neighborhood fireplaces for years to come. But, that seems like a silly waste of money, so instead we spend many man-hours and exert tons of energy to bag the discarded leaves. I would approximate about 50 bags a year. That's not an exaggeration. And, to top it off, there are still leaves on the ground, even a bit wet from the recent snow, makes raking oh just so much more fun.

As December approaches, my nesting urges want to pull out the holiday decor. Last year, in a bit of a hormonal-about-to-give-birth impulse trip to Target, I purchased a lovely 10ft tall inflatable snowman. I really do adore the big guy, but he's still in the garage, hibernating until we deem it time for his arrival. Or more honestly, until I get out the ladder, climb up to the menacing shelf he's resting on, pull him out, stake him down, get out the extension cord, plug him in, and hope he still works. Even better yet, we can just appreciate all of our wonderful neighbors hard work with their holiday lawn and light displays. See how easy that was?

I haven't even made mention of the Christmas Tree. I have such hesitations with little Miss GL toddling all over the place. The type of toddling that requires holding onto whatever large object is in her reach. Which leads to an instant light bulb moment, we better anchor that puppy this year to the wall, just for peace of mind. And, I guess no ornaments under 3 feet. It's a plan. Now we just need the tree. Rumor has it trees are drier this year, so they'll drop more needles. Welcome to Colorado. I can't imagine a tree shedding more needles than our past few trees have. Oh, the fun my one year old is going to have. Oh, the hair I am going to lose over the next couple of weeks. Happy Holidays!

Time to find that cheer! I am ready for you December. It's going to be a whirlwind trip to the New Year. I'll be kissing my man at the drop of a ball before we know it.