Keeping a SECRET

I think I've taken on a personal challenge, maybe even of New Year's Resolution proportions. We are going to Los Angeles in early December for a long weekend. I haven't been on an airplane since September 06, before I had GL. I am amazed when I think about it, that's quite the hiatus. I don't miss the airplane travel, but I do miss the getaways! I miss overpacking my suitcase, getting all anxious the night before, hoping I didn't forget a thing. I always do some online research and get my foodie resturaunt picks all squared away. Being a mom, I have to make sure, I know where the local Whole Foods is, for I can't stand eating out every meal. We need good, balanced snacks to keep Sj on her toes for all of our excursions.

Speaking of excursions, here enters my secret. We are taking Sj to Disneyland, but she doesn't know it. Thank goodness, her reading capabilities are at about 3 letters, for I'd be outted with this post! I have a few reasons behind my sneaky ways. Sj is a child that gets very excited about traveling or visitors. The type of excitement that leads to multiple questions through out the day. It's the usual,is today the day, are we going today, are we leaving the day after, can I pack my suitcase, on and on? Throw Disney into the mix and I think the questions would be endless. The wait would be all too painful for all of us.

So, it's a secret. California, the beach, The American Girl Doll Store, an airplane trip, all not secrets, fair conversational topics. I've been doing some research, because apparently, you can't be blind-sided heading into an adventure like Disney. Secretly, I am getting very excited. The pay off is going to be Sj's expression when she sees the sign the morning we roll into the wonderland. And the "ultimate I can not wait moment" is when we walk into Ariel's Grotto and Sj has lunch with the Princesses. Holy Crap! Yes, we will bring the video camera, we need that moment on record. So for now, I am trying my hardest to keep the best secret ever.


  1. How FUN that will be for all of you. The American Girl stores are great with their selection, clothes, hospital if your doll gets broken and hair salon. We went to the one in Chicago and E got her first one. They have dolls you can buy that look just like your little one. I LOVE combing it's hair. ~ Melissa


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