Let's Go Out To Dinner and See A Movie

Do..do...do...doo..do...Well, not exactly as Trey sings it in the Phish classic. We switched it up a bit. First we watched the movie, WM's Playground and then we topped it off with the good ol' tradition of dinner at the Corner Bar . I feel so steeped in tradition, whenever this weekend is upon us. From the days long ago, when we would casually roll up to the movie, catch up with new WME friends, and put back a few drinks. Now it's a bit different, I look forward to seeing those, same faces year after year, but now I just juggle a few children in the process. It's not really an option to leave them at home, realistically speaking it is their daddy's other baby. Plus, Sj is now at the age where she can sit through the majority of the movie, of course the snacks and cranberry juice make the watching much easier to handle. GL on the other hand, was a monkey, from our arms to the Bjorn, to moving around, nursing in the sling, and walking some more. I think I sat with her for maybe, 5 minutes. Not to mention the carpet J pounded with her. Hey, it's all part of it. The theatre was packed, as usual. We don't take Warren Miller Films lightly in this neck of the Rockies.
*Sj telling the audience her name with help from Chris Anthony!*

Post-show, almost all of us, were able to head over for some din-dinny! We had the absolute pleasure of taking over the entire loft/balcony of the place. It was perfect. The kids even had their own table (even more perfect in my mind)! My one disappointment was that my favorite, bbq shrimp noodle salad was no longer on the menu , boohoo. We toasted J, to another movie well done. We were wrapped up in conversation from one end of the table to the other. Thanks everyone that made it to the show, it just makes the memories even sweeter.**************Here's the crew, post-dinner!**************


  1. So bummed we missed it!! Congrats J!! KDV

  2. yikes! creepy red eye reduction eyes!!!!

  3. yep..red eyes, they wouldn't let the paparazzi into the resturaunt, so we had to make do!


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