Mommy Got New Toys

I have just purchased a ultra-hip new keyboard and mouse for my computer. So the old ones, will probably turn into a distraction for the girls, but I have a feeling there are a gazillion creepy microscopic beings living in it. I am tempted to send off my old toys to a lab for testing. Although the findings may be scary. The older technology has a layer of plastic that traps all sorts of things that fall in between the keys. For example, my fingers are gracing the dust, dog hair (whom we lost, oh 2 years ago), a safety pin I couldn't retrieve, glitter, and craft sequins, for the last time. I considered for a fleeting moment, leaving the plastic wrap on my nifty new keyboard, like the old ladies do with their parlor couches.

I know for a fact my new mouse will be a bit of a learning curve. Using an older Mac mouse (circa 02'-I believe), I don't have all that fandangled right/left click options. I have click or press & hold and click, whichever you prefer. The "Mighty Mouse" has a little nubby roller, right and left click options, and two side click options. Not sure what their exact purposes are yet. Control & Hold Down clicking have been my best friend for years now. If you are a Mac person, one of my All Time Favorite shortcut combinations is a "screen shot" which you get to by apple-shift-3. So cute.

Upsides of the new devices before actually using them are, quick shortcuts to dashboard, via mouse and keyboard. I can also customize some shortcuts when using my keyboard, I have no idea what shortcuts to create, but it sounds good. A function button also allows you to spread out all the windows you have open at once. Nifty. Will I need it, probably not. A downside, I see right off the bat, white keys..W H I T E keys..eeewww, maybe I should take a picture of them now, while they are, white. While I am on the subject of boring stuff, why does my keyboard have an escape key? I don't think I have ever in my 14 years of using a Macintosh Computer used ESC. So if you have a nifty escape trick, please enlighten me.

BTW..I wasn't the only one having fun at the Apple store, the hubby purchased a cute new Nano, I mean a masculine,burly, blue Nano. We have first generation iPods, or mini-boom boxes as I like to call them. One new feature I just adore in the Nano are the games. We haven't dowloaded any videos yet, I am surprised it didn't come loaded with atleast one video & podcast.Klondike and the trivia game have already stolen about 30 minutes of my free time. Shucks. I think the big purchases for the week are out of our system. I am trying to win an iPhone in a Real Simple contest, so we steered clear of those. Yes, I know I have delusional sweepstakes hopes. Oh, well. Time to play.