My Mood:Indifferent

Not sure what put me in the funk. "My friend" is not visiting, a typical tale tell sign of a funk coming on. Maybe it's the darkness that descends upon us earlier now. It's creeping into my mood. J was returning home from work in daylight, now it's dark when his key clinks into the lock, a sound which sets both girls off in an ear-covering screech. Perhaps the earlier sunset makes that very vulnerable hour of the day (often referred to as the "witching hour" in my mom-friend circles) longer than 60 minutes. I may be onto something here.

And, if I was brave, I'd post a few pictures of the house. It's a mess. J and a dear friend went out to, none other than the Warren Miller Movie last night, and our friend commented,"Wow, your place is a mess..looks like you have kids!"
We quickly quipped,"You should have been here yesterday, this actually looks great!"
In that moment, I realized he's not a drop on by kinda guy, he's always a call first kinda guy. Maybe he should drop by more often, honestly my messy house is always an open door. I truly in my heart of hearts want to have that freshly tidied up look, day in and day out. But when the funk comes, the dishes pile up, the toys scatter, and my laundry mounds. All of which I am sure contributes to the funk. What a vicious circle to be in!

To release myself of my inner-moody demons, I will end with a joyous note. My dear hubby has taken the week off, next week. Can anyone say, honey-do list? I can't start writing it fast enough, off I go.