My Musical Tangent

It always starts with a casual click of my mouse. My mind tells me i'll just check it out. Then sometimes the unexpected happens, that casual click turns into the start of a tangent. Before I know it, I am headed down memory lane.

The link that started this ball rolling, was to a Radiohead Webcast . It seems harmless enough, listen to some music, pass it along to J, let him relish it, more than I would, or so I thought. Turns out Radiohead covered two songs from my impressionable late teens, by The Smiths and New Order (btw-fabulous job Thom). Both bands were hot in my yellow Sony Sportsman portable tape cassette player (remember those??). They truly were the good old days, full of new wave or post-punk however you want to categorize it. I couldn't listen to it enough. The fit was so perfect for my melancholy teenage years.

So then I start my search on Amazon, trying to recall my favorite album titles. My late 80's musical wishlist is born. It contains the following, New Order-Substance, The Smiths-Strange Ways Here We Come & Louder Than Bombs, Dead Milkmen-Big Lizard In My Backyard, The Cure-Disintegration, Love & Rockets-Earth, Sun, and Moon, Gorilla Biscuits-Start Today, and Fugazi-13 Songs. And, I just realized I must also put Descendents-Milo Goes To College on that list.

Which leads me to, Live Music. J and I have been to some kick ass concerts. So, I dig out our ticket stub pile and start taking a look at all the history. Amazing, I am going to create a live show post sometime soon, it really does need a post of it's own. Maybe this post is more important than I am giving it credit. Someday, I might cherish the memories this post conjures up. Now, I end one musical journey, my tangent supreme, all from one little damn click.

From the Radiohead Webcast, advice taken: