Thursday Thirteen: 1st Edition

Thirteen Things That Make Me Smile:
  1. I've made it 360 days as a mother of two girls.

  2. This little blog.

  3. Seeing my husband's name on the big screen.

  4. Staying in bed an extra hour most mornings, while J plays and feeds the girls, and even brings me breakfast in bed.

  5. A clean sink.

  6. Buying gifts to bring someone else joy.

  7. Chatting with a girlfriend.

  8. Imagining my naked feet tickled by sand, my eyes gazing upon an endless horizon, and the roar of the Pacific Ocean gracing my ears in less than one week.

  9. Outdoor light displays.

  10. Two girls tucked gently in their beds asleep at 7:30.

  11. The arrival of my organic vegetables and fruit on Wednesdays from Door To Door Organics.

  12. A pair of jeans that slide easy over my hips.

  13. My mother's voice.

Thursday Thirteen is a blogosphere thing. I am not sure if it will be here every Thursday, but it will definitely be back.