Warren Miller's Playground: Gratuitous Plug!

Just so happens, I know this guy. This same guy, sleeps in my bed most nights and on those other nights he's sleeping in a hotel room, somewhere around the world. That location is typically dependent on what kind of terrain and snow are just outside his door. Yes, he's a part of the magic that gets skiers into movie theaters every fall. So, here's to another year, another movie done, and the new one already in the works. You'll find me Saturday watching Warren Miller's Playground(tour dates), with a smile on my face, my girls on my lap, and one awesome guy next to me, that was an integral part of making it happen. Congrats, darling!


  1. Yes, CONGRATULATIONS Josh! When those Warren Miller movies are on cable, we always try and catch one and think of all of you. We thank you again for getting us tickets to shows while we were out there. Keep up the good work!~Melissa & Steve


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