Watch Out Closets

Believe it or not, yesterday I really did spend the entire day at home. I didn't venture out into one retail marketplace. Although, I did have an urgent dilemma, I needed some personal hygiene products. So what is a hormonal woman to do in the face of a retail boycott? Yes, as you can guess, I sent the hubby. We needed some things at the grocery store anyway.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that my hubby called me while out on his excursion. I answered the phone, " Just Buy The Damn Pads!" I had a flashback to one of my favorite movies from the 80's, Mr. Mom, when Michael Keaton was embarrassed beyond belief with the loudspeaker price check on the pads he was purchasing for his wife. What a fabulous hubby, to call me, to confirm he was indeed purchasing the correct product, thickness, length, and wingspan! Mission completed.

Taking advantage of my opportunity to be home with out the girls, I started my clothes project. I was smart enough over the years to pack away Sj's old clothes in plastic bins that were organized by size. My job yesterday was to unload the 12-18 months sized clothes and pack up/sort out the 6-12 months older things GL is no longer in. Sounds easy, right? Well, it turned into a project of rampage proportions. I've been a bit lazy in the organization of clothes that Sj and GL have grown out of the last 5 months or so, which means they also had to be organized. They were on the top shelf of the closet, in a bin downstairs, in a closet downstairs, and also in their dressers. So, while just pulling out some clothes from the girls' closet, I managed to organize the guest room closet, the 2 hall closets, and pack up tons of crap for the ARC Thrift Store.

Now, I am dirty from digging around all our closets today, tired, and oddly content. The girls' closet looks amazing. I don't think it's been as organized since Sj was a baby. All the clothes in the house are clean and PUT AWAY (that's the battle around here)! Even J, decided to sort out some of his clothing. He joked with me while putting his things away, "damn, I just wore these socks yesterday". I call that good. I am next, my half of the closet, where I keep my sweaters folded resembles a church rummage sale. Yikes. Watch out closets, I am on the prowl, and making progress. Who needs spring cleaning, just give me 20 degree weather and a tummy full of Thanksgiving leftovers. I am on it!

Here's a peek at some of those tasty leftovers: