Work With What You Have

Destiny is my inability to avoid my current circumstance. Although that may sound ill-fated, it really isn't. Being the mother of a four year old, has opened my eyes to what I can and ultimately can not control. Sj loves engaging in Princess play, everything from role-playing in dress-up to drawing.

I on the other hand am not so devoted to Princess play. All I see is the mass marketing success on my impressionable daughter, the toys, the dress ups, the make-up, the mounds of plastic. Eventually flashing to my future, I envision a grandiose wedding with a white horse drawn carriage. Then I take a deep breath and a step back. And I wish to the powers that be, that this is all just a developmental phase. It's just a phase.

Everyday I draw upon the beauty within my daughter. Her love for role playing is amazing. We sometimes play Cinderella and I allow her to help me scrub the dishes or wash the hard wood floors on our hands and knees. Or I am the witch offering "my dearie" a nice shiny red apple. My ability to improv has increased tremendously as of lately. That's a good thing, right?

J is the ultimate partner for role-playing, daily he takes Sj into the world unknown, always kindly accommodating her character requests. One minute, it's the Prince and the next it's Ursula. Every night in the bath, I can hear singing and laughing pouring from the upstairs. It's wonderful.

As our trip to California gets closer, my anticipation grows. Honestly, I can't wait to experience Disney. I've never been to a Disney Park. I believe a part of my childhood will return with the magic that Sj will experience there, a part of me will become more whole. A smile returns to my face and my cheeks have a glow, knowing some passion has returned to me, a gift from Sj.

Today we took the Princesses to a new level. Sj and I crafted a ship for Prince Eric, so Ariel could rescue him, in the comfort of our home. All I needed was a card board box, scissors, some toothpicks, and a hot glue gun. Sj added all the colorful details. We make a good team and we definitely know how to work with what we have.

click on our ship for closer detail!!