16 years later..

Making the most of this special day, my lovely GL, decided to help me start celebrating at the wee hours of the morning. The poor babe has a snotty nose, more like a spigot, draining thick sludge. It's affecting her desire to eat solid foods which in turn kicks in her night nursing cravings. I can't turn her down, for my string bean needs as many calories as I can pack into her. Which basically means, I have been up all night, sometimes every hour for the last few nights, nursing my dear back to health.

This morning, I was given the opportunity to stay in bed until 8 am. Shortly after 8, a frittata, toast, a clementine, and a chai all on a tray, was presented to me in bed. It was even topped off with a kiss. I thought that was strange considering I haven't been the most fun to be around the past few days. I've been a bit more zombie like. I enjoyed my breakfast while watching Nigella Lawson prepared some 5,000 calorie Christmas Feast.

As the morning progressed, I was sitting on the floor knitting, helping GL eat some toast, SJ was painting, and the hubby was reading the newspaper. J casually said to me, "Happy Anniversary."

...... silence......

My eyes glanced at the newspaper, December 2nd, sure enough our anniversary. That's why I received the kiss, I thought. I then returned the gesture with a, "Happy Anniversary-Darling!"

It's not our wedding anniversary, it's our original anniversary. Our 16 years later anniversary. Which means we've spent basically half of our lives together. Umm, yes from the sounds of it, I have no Hallmark card to celebrate the day, no rushed out and bought a gift to recognize the momentous occasion. I think a better gift is to turn my frown upside down and have a nice remaining half of the weekend.

Just a few moments ago, I asked the hubby, that was doing a load of laundry, "So, where are my gifts?" He replied, " Where are mine?" I told him his was the Nano, because originally he wanted to buy me one, but instead we decided that he was the one who really wanted it. A couple of weeks later, watching him play poker on it every night for long periods of time, I realized he really-really wanted the Nano.

I am not even going to end with a moan, what's another trinket right? Although, this place could use some floral cheer. I've really been given the best gifts of all, sixteen years with a man that has put up with me through it all and two beautiful daughters, topped off by a life I love in Colorado. Now that's love, Hallmark doesn't have a thing on us.