and They're OFF....

Packing, cleaning, wiping snotty noses, eating (which reminds me I haven't eaten yet), and unplugging have been on the "To Do" list. I wonder what my level of neurosis is when traveling and preparing for a trip. Does anyone else out there, make multiple lists, check them off..Like unplug all the electrical devices while you out of town? Is that silly for just a few days? I don't know..I do it anyway. I feel like a weirdo.

Can I just twinkle my nose and arrive at my destination? Realistically no, but before I know it, the car will be loaded and we'll be singing songs, driving out east to our beloved Denver International Airport.

I'll be back soon, with my restaurant and shopping reviews of Santa Monica. And, in case you are wondering I have managed to keep my big mouth shut about DisneyLand, it's still a secret, I think this deserves some sort of reward, it's a miracle!


  1. Have a GREAT time!! I love Santa Monica. I know on Venice Blvd. and other locations there is a fantastic, reasonable cuban restaurant called "Versailles." Their garlic chicken is so delicious and flavorful and I love, love their black beans and rice with plantains. Yummy! When we were in CO and Steve had a trip to LA he brought me back garlic chicken on the airplane. Quite funny since he was getting some odd and hungry looks as to what was in the bag on his lap that he was so carefully holding. Also, we always went to the In and Out Burger by LAX to get our burger/fries fix. I love that place too. Yes, I do the lists as well and unplug various appliances. So, you're not crazy :)

    I'm looking forward to hearing about your trip and happy belated birthday to GL!! I cannot believe it's been a year. You will really start to notice fun moments between the 2 girls. Have a fun, safe trip ~ Melissa


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