As The New Year Approaches

Yesterday, we joked in conversation, reflecting on the new year approaching, 2008. Wow, 08! How can it possibly almost be Twenty-Ten? I actually look forward to 2010, so we can move on from the Two Thousand lingo. I prefer saying Twenty-Twelve over Two Thousand and Twelve. I guess it's the 20th century bringing itself back upon me. Maybe I am being presumptuous in my hopes, it will probably take a few years of practice. So I am assuming by Two Thousand and Thirteen, we'll cut to the chase and just say Twenty Thirteen.

Beyond those little things that can leave me hung up in conversation, I always embrace the changing of the calendar year. Looking back, I like to reflect upon where I was one year ago, and most often be grateful for the place I have arrived today. We can only hope that new place will offer up one year wiser to go with the change in my age. Sometimes age and wisdom are not synonymous, but if I am on the right path, they will be.

I have already given passing thoughts to what I am hoping for the New Year. I am honing in a possible New Year's Resolution, with every new idea. I feel change is a wonderful thing, but often jumping into something too big leaves me disappointed by mid-January. My theory is to go small, resolve on a steady and sure path with general notions.

Here are a few of those ideas I've been dancing around in my head for the last week or so:

I want to return to running, I say this with a foot of snow on the ground. Yesterday I saw those hard-core, I've run for 5 years straight types, hoofing it through the snow. I suppose I could find an indoor track or treadmill to run on a few times a week until it gets nice out.

As always, I question my potential as a mother and caretaker of our home. I want to do better, to be more content in my surroundings, and have this all come to fruition with more effort my daily life. We'll see if it makes the January 1, cut.

Being more content at home, I strive to plan out our weekly meals. It just makes more sense, we toy with the notion here and there through out the year, but have a hard time sticking to it. I believe being less stressed at 5pm on weekdays, would be a happy change.

The big one, is budgeting. Can our family budget and stick to it? How courageous do we have to be to look our finances in the face and make a change? My gut instinct tells me this must be at the top of the list. Maybe I won't be pulling out my hair at the end of the month, every damn month.

Date night...gee what a concept. Put my hubby and I at the top of the list, once a month. I don't even need date night, I could use date day, just a few hours, out with my man being adults. I can already imagine not having our children's behavior or needs dominating us. Just us. Maybe I need a sitter or just some friends to pull a swap with monthly.

I am ending with my crafty aspirations. I am a lifelong learner in the craft department. I hope to spend more time using my creativity to make other's happy. More knitting, more scrapping, more using the items that fill my office cabinets. It can be done and I am just the woman to do it. Balance, my dear.

The official New Year's list, will come on January 1st. In the mean time my brain will keep on racing, finding the right goals to set and work on, so I can find myself happier next December.