I could barely sleep last night, I was full of such anticipation for our secret excursion today. The weatherman was forecasting terrible storms. Just last night some of J's local buddies were trying to convince him to bag the trip to Disney, because the forecasts were that extreme. We knew we had to go, rain, hail, wind gusts, or shine, we had to experience the magic. When I pulled the curtains back this morning, I held my breath, and let out a loud cheer when I saw clear skies!

By this morning, the girls had already settled into the reality of freeway travel in California. GL magically closed her eyes moments after our Cadillac hit the 10. We really did luck out in our forty mile drive to Anaheim, the home of Disneyland. I think we made it there in under 40 minutes. In Los Angeles, that is of urban-legend proportions.

Finally, as we entered the park complex, we told Sj, the name of the street we turned on. I can't remember the exact name, it was Disneyland Parkway or something of the sort. She was a bit giddy and shy about what we were doing. I think the first thing that entered her mind, was oodles of pirates walking around, scaring the crap out of her. Our conversation quickly turned to the Princesses and it was all over from that moment on.

We had one day park hopper tickets and a reservation to have lunch with the Princesses, so we didn't have to spend our day trying to hunt them down. We decided to start our day at California Adventure, where Ariel's Grotto is, the lunch restaurant. Chalk that up to yet another brilliant Disney idea, offer the chance to meet and greet the Princesses over a lunch setting, charge an exorbitant amount of money for mediocre food, and make the magic happen. Even though the food was cafeteria-ish, both J and I agreed what we paid was worth every single penny.

We were first in line for the 11:30 lunch rotation, so Sj was the first little girl to meet Ariel. Talk about the stars aligning. During the lunch, Jasmine, Cinderella, Belle, and Sleeping Beauty stopped by our table for a photo-op and some chit-chat. They were gorgeous.

After lunch, when Sj came back down to earth, we wandered over to Disneyland. The day was so mellow, much mellower than I could have anticipated. I think the time of year and the weather forecast really gave us the opportunity to experience Disney in what I would consider optimal conditions! I really do loathe large crowds, I just get nervous and stressed beyond belief.

We took the opportunity to ride most of the rides for Sj's age, multiple times. She really became a huge fan of the rides, her first roller coaster experience turned out to be a huge hit. She demanded J take her on right after we stepped off. She was screaming, "I want to go again, Can I go again, Let's go again!!!" I felt so proud because I love roller coasters, loops, drops, fast speeds, I can't get enough. In that moment, I flashed forward to my perfect amusement park partner, my little Sj, our daredevil.

Shortly after the sun went down, our energy levels dropped as well. We had taken in all the magic we could handle. I can't wait to go back, I know it will be a stop every time our family visits the Los Angeles area. Here's the proof the girls had a great time: