Dining Out in Boulder

Our town doesn't necessarily offer us the dining options we often are craving. Close by we have a few ethnic gems, but the quality of food I often crave is a quick drive to Boulder. Typically about 95% of the time we are dining out with our children. Gosh, that's sad! But the reality of the situation is that we don't have a standby sitter, so we are at the mercy of family in town or friends being overly gracious.

So, where do we choose to eat in Boulder when we have the kids in tow?

Considering the aforementioned circumstances, our dining hours are generally breakfast or lunch. I don't care to do the restaurant hustle and bustle during peak hours with cranky, I just want to go to bed kids.

Breakfast Boulder style can most easily be found at Turley's at 28th & Pearl. Although the service can differ tremendously on any given visit. I love the alternative natural meat options and the notion that I am putting healthier prepared foods into my body.

With that said, Lucile's at 14th between Spruce & Pine is the let's go out and have a 2,000 calorie breakfast kind of place. I have a weakness for their biscuits and typically leave there having over done it. I most enjoy their alternative to the meat laden Benedict, the Eggs Jennifer with spinach and tomato! Although, I would recommend ordering a half size portion of Hank's eggs, it's delicious. Service is prompt and they know how to turn a crowd out of their beautiful yellow Victorian. You may want to bring along your newspaper and a cup of coffee, so you aren't disappointed when they tell you it's an hour wait.

Now for LUNCH, we have a few favorites, which always leave my belly content. Zolo Grill, at 28th & Arapahoe, is a wonderful alternative to traditional Mexican food in Boulder. It is more reminiscent of Santa Fe Mexican to me. Dining there always takes your palate on a little adventure from sweet to spicy, but always wonderfully balanced. We enjoy their guacamole, duck tacos, and the pulled pork sandwich. The restaurant runs a bit on the noisy side, so my children do just fabulously there.

Another nationally recognized Boulder gem is The Kitchen, at 11th & Pearl. We always seem to have our girls with us when we visit The Kitchen, but I would love to escape for a dining experience there with out them! They don't have a kids menu, but they are always wonderful about creating something a bit more 4 year old kid friendly. Their food has never disappointed, as well as their service. Their menu changes on a regular basis, which leaves the Foodie in me just thrilled. On the walls you will find the daily ingredients, hand written on chalk boards, ranging from organic meats to local produce. If you haven't been to The Kitchen yet, you must give it a try!!

An easy in and out, quick let's grab some lunch kind of place is Salvaggio's Italian Deli. There are three locations, my favorite is the original location is at 26th & Pearl, but there are also locations at 14th & Pearl on the mall and on the Hill. Hands down it is my favorite Deli in Colorado. They have fabulous freshly baked bread and Boar's Head Meats. I can't stand a Deli that tries to offer up cheap meat at a premium price. Even if you see a line spilling around the corner, it's worth the wait. I always get the Turkey American, but have the good fortune of sharing my hubby's sandwich, he's always trying something new. Don't forget a chocolate chip cookie, it makes the meal complete.

Boulder is the best place to dine out with your kids. You can eat wonderful food in a casual setting. Don't relegate yourself to the typical chain, blah experience, try something locally owned!