Mom Email Phenomenon

When I am under slept, I make strange and unusual connections. Really, in the case of my latest discovery it's silly and I am not really sure why the pattern stuck out like a sore thumb to me. Maybe it's my prior cultural anthropological tendencies screaming to be put back into use. I do have the piece of paper proving that the University of Colorado has conferred the degree, Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology. Seeing the patterns, connecting the dots, it's all innate to my being, so was the natural draw to Anthropology.

Here's my latest case study. Publishers, take a number. While comparing email lists to rosters during my volunteer duties as MOMs Club secretary, I found it quite interesting the choice of email addresses. In the past, I have felt the pressure to create a unique email address, one that would be representative of me, but user friendly. I hold three email accounts, one linked to all things blog, one personal account I've used for years, and a hotmail account I've kept around for even longer. The history keeps me logging back into hotmail, it reminds me of the old broken in college sweatshirt, I still dare to put on after all these years.

But now, drum roll please, the moment you've been waiting for. My aah-ha moment, is over a third of the mom's on our roster use email accounts that are clearly tied to their husbands. For the most part, their email addresses are comprised of their name and their husbands initials with theirs. Now, the question I ask, is do they share this account with their hubbies? Or was it created with both in them in mind and then, they took over and never really gave thought to changing it. It is very intriguing to me.

It almost affects the things I would write in an email if I knew it wasn't a personal account, if it was a hubby-read account.

My husband and I shared an email account in 1998 when we took our honeymoon trip to Europe, just for the sake of convenience when using internet cafes. Easy in, easy out, one account. That account has now been deemed cyberspace fodder, for I would have no idea how to get back into it, nor would I want to.

Maybe i'm a bit too territorial over my email accounts. My hubby can read away any time he wishes, but it's all mine. My own underwear, my own debit card, my own car, my own email account. It all seems to fit, just right for me. I can't imagine getting his bicycle related emails and I am darn sure he wouldn't be thrilled by the hourly Babystyle promos, I can't seem to escape.

Now for those of you that share, please enlighten me. For I am rather curious....


  1. We share accounts, we started off both using it although I guess i get the bulk of the e-mails now.

    It's never really been a problem. I know which e-mails are for him and he know which are for me. I guess i am the main filter for the account, getting rid of the spam etc.

  2. he was thoughtless when we moved here and just put his name in and me being 3 weeks post-partum it was not on my radar. now i am just lazy. i have my own hotmail acct which is now just the catch all for crap.


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