My Year End Review

It's all the buzz in the media right now, year end reviews, best of and worst of lists. So, I thought I would give one last reflection on this past year and see exactly where my tangent takes me and what comes spewing out of my brain. I am going to free flow with no particular goals in mind, so come along on the journey with me.

AAh, January 07', take me back to my postpartum fog. F-O-G! I spent the majority of the month adjusting to life with my two darling daughters. Interestingly enough Sj tested her boundaries and independence more and more daily, while GL seemed to be my new appendage. What a stark contrast. Obviously, one year later has left me in a place of happy reflection, happy to be one year out, and happy to see so many beautiful moments between the girls.

I feel content in saying, maturity brings different phases in my personal relationships, which was really brought to the forefront for me this year. Having clarity to see relationships for exactly what they are AND.....on top of that clarity to leave it be. Allowing myself to accept that I can not always change or control the deficits or growth some of my relationships endured. I may always be a phone call away for a friend who lives a car ride away, but hardly ever a stop by and let's hang out. Or on the other hand, it may be worth a plane trip to see my smiling face, to spend time with me. You know what, I am fine with both scenarios and all that fall smack dab in between. I feel grateful my most important relationship, that with J, has lasted another year, and I wouldn't want to take back any of the 16 years he's been by my side.

I spent part of 2007 dabbling in things that spark my interest and curiosity, what a great way to nurture myself. I began building cakes. It's so much fun, stressing out on construction techniques, flavors, knowing my imagination is the limit to the final product.

And most importantly, I changed my mind about running. Running is all mental,your body will do what your brain tells it to, whether it be stop or go. You tell yourself you can or you can't. Well, I told my former I am not a runner self, that I can run, and I did. I just haven't run in quite sometime. I miss my Saturday morning running buddies and our weekly therapy sessions, quite terribly actually!

And then there was this little thing called my blog. It all started when my local newspaper was looking for a local mom to blog on their website. I never heard back from the editor. I started EatPlayLove instead, her lack of response didn't stop me. I don't think I am of newspaper caliber anyway. Now, I can give you the code to make a link open on a separate page, I can tell you two handfuls of ways to change your text with simple code. HTML is not so much a mystery anymore. Although, there is still so much to learn, which is something I embrace not cringe over!

My travels took me to beautiful Colorado Mountain towns and to the beaches of California. I am so proud I embraced the magic of Disney and had a wonderful time. I smile knowing my feet graced the sand of the Pacific just a few weeks ago. The sound of waves crashing is beautiful to me. Simply beautiful. I feel sad that we did not have the opportunity to visit our families on the east coast, but we will return soon. I can't wait to get Sj on a subway, eating a slice of pizza walking down the street, and cruising the halls of MOMA.

I do have to end with all the hard work we put into our house this year. Owning an older home is always an adventure. We successfully remodeled our bathroom upstairs, I just fixed our second bath's broken toilet two days ago, Sj has a huge and wonderful new sandbox, and I even rewired some new light fixtures. I love the challenge, appreciate the money saved, and savor every moment my four year old daughter sits by my side handing me tools, as mom is busy working on a Mr.Fix-It project.

Goodbye 2007. I am so happy to be here now writing, knowing that someone other than my mom, my best friend, or my husband may read this blog. Let's laugh a little bit in 2008, I promise to keep the topics light and the potential to smile very high. See you next year, wink-wink!