ONE Year Later!!

My mind has been working over time, again. As I celebrated my daughter's first birthday today, I thought, there really should be something in this for me. I know, I know, honestly I relished in the moment, reflecting on the year's passing, and all the milestones we have been through. I feel so grateful to be one year out from birth, from newborn-ness, and so much closer to better communication and independence. I can't seem to put down the video camera these days. I just want to capture every little moment, the phases of development, everyday something new and fabulous is happening. Right now it's steps and language. They don't get much bigger than that. Splendid.

But, back to the there should be something in this for me. I envision a gift for me, for the greater good of our family, the You've Made It Another Year, gift. If I were to choose, that gift would be a single night's stay in a hotel, alone. Well, not just a hotel, a nice hotel with beautiful linens, a spa, tons of channels on cable, and room service complete with a top notch pastry chef. Really, is that too much to ask? Gosh, I'd probably even be home in the morning before the family was out of pajamas.

Instead, I'm going to settle, (snicker, snicker) for a long weekend away with my family. All of us in tow, headed to the beach. May I even add, I will be staying in a suite, with an ocean view, not a partial view, a full right out my window, gorgeous ocean view. When you live in Colorado, an ocean view is priceless. I will eat food glorious food, that I have not grocery shopped for, or cooked, and I will not do a damn dish. And, I will be thrilled to have my family by my side.

So, I'm taking this show on the road. I've never blogged on the road before. Join me for an adventure, Southern California Style...