One Hour and Fifteen Minutes Later

When you wait until the Saturday before Christmas to visit Santa at a pretty popular shopping mall, you find lines, crowds, and a big long wait. Being a mom well versed in mall off-hours, I could not believe the zoo we encountered. Oh well, we'll be there on a Tuesday morning the first week of December next year.

Unfortunately it was not worth the wait for little miss GL, she had no idea what she was in for. An old man with a big scratchy beard, not exactly the mesmerizing Teletubbies. Although, Sj was ready to throw in the towel half way through, she made it. It was worth it for her. She took a few moments to recite her well versed list to him. I hope he doesn't disappoint her.


  1. Way too cute! You should have seen the line this morning! You deserve a prize for enduring that situation! KS


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