Our Birthday Tradition: Streamer Fairy

The "Streamer Fairy" entered our lives, just a couple of years ago, around Sj's second birthday. It's a tradition that was born out of pure fun and magic, which I feel should be the basis for any birthday, young or old! It doesn't require much time and it brings out such joyous anticipation and excitement in our daughter.

The tradition began, when I decorated our house with streamers and balloons the night before Sj's birthday, while she was sleeping. When she woke up in the morning, she found the downstairs decked out in streamer glory! I have to admit, typically the eve of a birthday is spent putting together toys, or preparing a cake, so choose your level of decorating wisely! We always have a little chat before bed, discussing if the Streamer Fairy would remember her again this year! Yippee, she did! As soon as the sun was up, I think Sj's anticipation was that of Santa proportions. The Streamer Fairy may be in contention with Santa, I love it!

It's funny how the Streamer Fairy has turned out to be a big thing in our house. Who would have thought something so simple would have such a big impact? It has even caught on with some of Sj's school friends. Sj's preschool teacher approached me for all the details. Sj mentioned the Streamer Fairy during her show and tell around her birthday and a couple of her friend's were just so curious. One mom mentioned how her son could not stop talking about the Streamer Fairy, and was wondering why she hadn't been by his place yet. His mom convinced him the S.F. would appear this year, he just had to be patient. See, we are spreading the magic.

It's the eve of GL's First Birthday, so the streamer fairy is already getting mentally prepared. Here's the big list of supplies, streamers, balloons, tape, scissors, and creativity! I like to twist two colors around each other from our dining room light to the walls, like a beautiful sunburst. We always decorate with plain hanging streamers the entry way through the kitchen, it feels so festive to walk through streamers.

Unfortunately the Streamer Fairy didn't come on my birthday last year, which Sj took note of. Hopefully the Streamer Fairy's love will help out in that department this year.