A Room With A View

Our arrival into Santa Monica last night was graced with a dense fog. The fog stretched from the beach past the Promenade a few blocks east. The wet air was a refreshing departure from our normal moisture-sucking Colorado air. When we finally made it to our hotel room, on the 6th floor, I felt as if we were in a cloud when I looked out the window. The weather conditions seem to be so crazy everywhere, I could only imagine we were in for it the next few days. Luckily, it turns out I was wrong, the weather was mildly chilly for LA norms, but wonderful for us coming from Colorado. And, the feeling of being in a cloud quickly subsided in the morning, when I pulled back the curtain and saw this:Living in Colorado, I am unfailingly enamored with an ocean view. It doesn't matter how many times I have seen the blue sky melt into the ocean, it's always magical, always. Yes, smile indeed.

We made our way down to the beach, to set the girls free in the largest sandbox of all. GL, made the cutest little footprints in the sand. Her little toes pranced so gracefully when her feet first met the cold, wet sand. Sj, was instantly ready to create some castles, get dirty and wet. Unfortunately, our fun was shortened by a little wave that knocked her off her feet. Wet 4 year olds on a chilly December day is not very fun. Hotel bath to the rescue!
Sj loves traveling and hotels and I am sure GL will follow in her footsteps. The girls had so much fun exploring every inch of our suite. New drawers to open, a couch that pulls out, some out of the ordinary pillows, all a recipe for fun, fun, and more fun. I highly recommend a stay at the Georgian Hotel, if you are ever in need of a place in Santa Monica. The staff was wonderful with the girls, the room service is from a great neighboring restaurant, and well the location just speaks for itself.