Snowy Colorado Christmas

I believe there is a general consensus in various parts of the country that Colorado is a super cold and snowy place. For those of us that are lucky enough to actually reside here, we know it can dump, but typically within a day or two the snow melts from our splendid proximity to the sun. It takes a whopping of a storm to find a snow plow gracing my street. Around these parts, we just let the solar energy get the job done.

Today, we made Colorado proud. It snowed for hours. A white blanket of pure fluff graced the brown grass, making everything appropriately picturesque. The newscasters were rambling off the odds of it actually snowing on Christmas Day and sure enough the odds were against us.

Our family was delighted with the fresh powder. We bundled up after our belly warming early dinner of pot roast and veggies. Little Miss GL giggled with delight when I put the scarf around her neck during our walk when the wind picked up. Sj and I raced down our block at the end of our walk to make snow angels.

What a beautiful holiday. No hustle or bustle, just lounging around enjoying each other's company.

Boy Can She Cruise, Watch your toes!

Wishing you a Merry Day and a Full Content Belly~ Smiles!