to be HOME

Traveling is good for my soul. Although I experience much trepidation mentally leading up to the airplane travel, in the end it's all very much worth it. We joked about our full SmartCarts for a long weekend away. J felt as if he was handling the baggage for one of his film shoots. We had our two car seats, two pieces of luggage, a carry on with just electronics, and then a carry on each for three of us, containing mandatory plane distractions. I am not even sure if my memory can dig deep enough to recall those occasions when J and I would travel for the same time period with a small carry on, no checked luggage. It's all part of the experience now, all part of the adventure.

Although we were only away for four days and nights, I thoroughly enjoy watching Sj and now GL, playing with all their toys when we returned home. I think an hour went by when I didn't even hear any alarming noises, it was pure reacquainting play and gosh, may I even add, appreciating our things that were missed. Mr. Potato Head hasn't seen this much attention since he was fresh out of the box. Lucky guy.

Now, if I can only have such zest for all things that come with being home. For me the transition is a bit harder, no room service to clean my place daily, no walk a block away for an afternoon snack and treat, and not an ocean in sight. Could there be an upside to the sea of laundry that is just outside my office door? Hmmm, no not really. Time to settle back into reality and start planning another getaway.