Today's Menu Is...

When a chill is in the air and lounging becomes a mandatory part of the day, food takes center stage in our house. While eating, our conversation always seems to turn to what we'll be serving for the next meal in a few hours. Funny how that happens. Today, we tried out a couple of new recipes, and I am so delighted we did.
Baked Apple Pancake, yes dessert for breakfast. The recipe used three eggs, so the protein helped me convince myself that I wasn't totally overindulging at 8 am. The recipe came from my favorite baking book, Mom's Big Book of Baking by Lauren Chattman. I first discovered this book at the library a few years ago and when I had a hard time letting it go back to the library, I decided I needed to purchase it for my cookbook collection. There are countless recipes in it that are no fail crowd pleasers every single time.
Lighter Sesame Chicken!

I offered to cook dinner tonight. J has been doing the majority, umm more like 95%, of the cooking this week. I was listening to Sirius Radio the other night and the topic of conversation turned to the Lighter Sesame Chicken featured in this months issue of Everyday Food. Believe it or not, this meal whips up quicker than calling your favorite Chinese delivery. And, better yet, you know what quality ingredients are in the meal. Fabulous and speedy, my kind of dinner. I might even give the recipe a try with tofu, for a little vege variation.To make the dinner an even better success, Sj and GL, devoured their meals, quietly with no poking, coaxing, or prodding. Two Thumbs up!

Secret Kisses/Snow Kisses!

Yes, Sj and I actually baked cookies today. I morphed the recipe from two sources. Gosh are these cookies addictive. I used a combination of cashews and almonds, because that's what I had on hand. The recipe calls for adding confectioner's sugar on top at the end, but I decided to not do that, it allows the flavor from the nuts in the cookie dough to shine through. They are pretty much all gone, which I think speaks for itself when it comes to baking.

January 1st is when I need to tow the line in the caloric intake right, I better get my cravings out of the way now!