Welcome Winter

Oh, sun you are so far away today! Tomorrow you'll be closer and before I know it, I'll be digging out my capris again. I'm not sure how welcoming I am of winter this year. The girls have been battling a virus/cold that has reared it's ugly head like no other. Yes, I have to remind myself we get sick year round, but for some strange reason, it's worse for my neurosis in the winter. I see the potential for microscopic invaders around every corner.

My new mantras are "Don't touch that!" or "Wash your hands!" and even "Get your hands away from your mouth, NOW!"......

It doesn't seem to be helping.

Other than all things viral that come with winter, I do love the chill in the air. Seeing my breath in the morning when I am outside getting the paper, it's fun in moderation. Sj and I always play around in the car as it warms up, with our dragon appearing breath. Then after a few weeks, yep I'm over it.

So sun, come back soon, grace us with your rays. Warm up the playgrounds, melt the snow, and allow me to get over my winter-induced germ phobias!