Where's The Spirit?

Going to California this weekend is a great excuse for not having any of my holiday decorating done. But in all honesty, it should have been done before we left. My poor decorations are in the guest room closet, wondering why they haven't been called to duty. Each day that passes, I start to feel like the holiday cheer is flying out the window. What makes me feel even worse, is the blanket of snow on the ground and it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere but in my home.

I mentioned to Sj yesterday, maybe Santa will put the presents under the floor lamp. How lame is that?

Here's the truth of the matter. J is in charge of the Christmas tree buying in our family. He's done it for years. The one year I went along, I dragged the family to eight different lots and hardware stores, looking for the perfect tree. Funny enough that year, we bought some dwarf 4ft tall tree that just wasn't our style. J knows our style. Hopefully he can get the memo that is definitely "go time" for Christmas tree buying and decorating.

Our home is not completely void of all holiday decor. We have out two Hallmark animated song-singing stuffed decorations. I pulled them out when Sj just couldn't take the holiday-less blahs anymore. We've had many chuckles over these little decorations. GL has mastered turning them on and off and typically every time she turns one on, she dances, wiggling her hips and turning her shoulders back and forth. It's just darling. The music typically puts me over the edge by the fourth repeat, but it's just for a few weeks, I can handle it.

Maybe this weekend, cookies will be baking, holiday music will be playing, and ornaments will be crashing to the floor as we get in the spirit around here! It's about time.