One Month Down- Conscious Spending!

Part of my resolve for the New Year is to become a conscious spender. Eek. I think it was back in November, I started loosely throwing around the term, budget. I still don't know if a budget fits into our lifestyle, but an outline for spending sure does. Honestly, we took a look at the money coming in, obligatory payments, and where the rest of our money goes.

We definitely love to eat in our family, sometimes we categorize ourselves as foodies, which ultimately leaves us spending top dollar for our groceries. We've done a fabulous job this month of eating home. I have a difficult time preparing all of our meals at home when J is out of town (which was 13 days out of 29 so far). But I have stuck to easy to prepare foods or meals that will stretch over a few days, like the Corn Chowder.

Then, we come to days like this past week. My freezer has been the go-to for lunch and dinner. Sj had waffles for lunch yesterday before school. Our dinner this evening consisted of fresh steamed broccoli and carrots, accompanied by mac n cheese, and some frozen Morningstar Farms fake chicken nuggets. Yeah, sounding pretty foodie to you, isn't it? But I have the time of the month to blame. Pay day isn't for a couple of days, so I have a strong inner voice convincing me to not go to the store at all costs. Heck, we have the extra food, why not eat it? Right now I am not sure if I should be ashamed or proud.

On the upside of this conscious spending, I've fought my inner "Target" demons. Every time I have needed to go to Target, I entered with a list in hand and stuck to purchasing only the items on my list. Now that mind you, may be the finest sign of discipline I have ever exhibited. Looking over previous months spending, I must admit Target is most often the culprit for my spontaneous purchasing habits. I wish they made a patch to help cure that ill. I'm working it out, one visit at a time.

It feels good to have a month under my belt. I hope February proves to be just as promising for my conscious spending. I'll be checking back in, as this one is to be continued.


  1. we are right there with you, aside the from the horse we are doing pretty well. ;)


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