Back Country Dish Duty, Anyone?

Alright now that I am back in my body, my haven't showered in a few days body, here's the update on the situation. My darling-dear-fabulous-wouldn't-trade-him-hubby, pushed back his flight one day. Amazing what 24 hours will do for relief in the I can't get any more stressed than this department. Although, I think he secretly feared I'd be shacking up at the St.Julian in Boulder and getting room service galore! Instead, we all stayed home and dealt with the problems at hand.

We called in three plumbers, to give us their professional opinion on the situation. The estimates ranged greatly, as well as the options for what to do. Only one of the guys had plumbers' butt potential, so I immediately left the vicinity when he was about to kneel down. Ha!

Anyway, the short of it is, we need a new water heating system. Our current system has been phased out because it was deemed hazardous, oh about 10 years ago. Yeah, not sure how that news makes me feel still. Have we been ducking a time bomb for 5 years? Yikes!

Good news is, we are going to have a super cool water heating system. It's tankless. Compared to the other scenarios, tankless seems to be the best route, and as you may imagine, the priciest. We have tons of extra cash laying around the week after Christmas, don't you?

This time tomorrow, I am going to be running both showers, the washing machine, and dishwasher at the same time, just because I can. Just kidding, we are water misers around here, but I could if I wanted to. So there!

Through out the day today, we were reminded that there is humor in every situation, good or bad. I haven't missed the hot water too much, except when I glanced at my hair in the mirror. Greasy, stringy, pulled back, but untamable hair. Heck on a positive note, I didn't do a load of laundry, but I did load the dishwasher. When I was doing the dishes, the water was bone chilling cold, it reminded me of washing the dishes when camping. You know that feeling when the creek water is running over your hands and you fixate on a dirty stuck-on spot, forgetting that your fingers are going numb? Then you just want to get it over with as fast as possible. After, it takes about thirty minutes for the red to leave your hands. So while washing the first plate by hand, I remembered why we always play rock-paper-scissors for dish duty in the back country.

I just realized I haven't mentioned the leak I found yesterday coming from the upstairs bathroom into the downstairs bathroom. Yeah, that's a whole other can of worms. But lucky for me, I'll have a professional plumber at my disposal tomorrow, so that disaster will also be a distant memory.

Let's make it official. Happy New Year! When life gives you lemons, add a shit load of sugar, some water, and a smile!


  1. Yay for tankless water heaters! I wish we had one! Yay for getting hot water again soon! Boo for the new leak! When it rains...oh, I don't think I'll finish that...LOL!

  2. Yeah, not so much fun, cutting open the sheet rock in your ceiling, being dripped on by water, that you come to find out is from, not the sink, but the toliet. And to top off the joyous event, no hot water to instantly rid yourself of the grossest feeling in the world.


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