Cassanova or Testosterone Induced Idiocy?

Last month, I caught a moment on the Today Show about a serial dater. This Harvard educated bozo, Paul Janka actually had a spot talking about his conquest of women. He was confident in his discussions of being a modern day casanova, complete with a spread sheet. Unfortunately this poor soul has convinced himself, he isn't hurting anyone, and that his lifestyle is innate to what men really need.

So, yeah. I've been dwelling on this whole notion of a modern day casanova for far too long now. For some men, the idea of being with one woman for the rest of their lives goes against ever fiber of their being.

I completely disagree, that probably has to do with the lack of testosterone cursing through my veins, and the obvious differences in my genitalia- for I think with my brain. With all their banter and commentary of carnal desire, blah, blah, blah, these men are missing the boat on the huge upside of monogamy.

Did I just say, upside of monogamy?

Yes, one night can be insane and passionate, but years, can be even better. When you truly know someone inside and out, a relationship can be taken to levels that they clearly don't even know exist. For the sake of anyone that knows me closely and reads this blog, I will leave any sordid details for you to conjure on your own. Your welcome.

Am I alone on this one? It's awful that society feeds into these cultural norms pertaining to men and sexuality. My advice is for the Today Show to ditch the single brain celled men and provide us with some real entertainment. As I am sitting here right now, I can think back to only a handful of times since December i've watched morning television. That connection makes me feel even better and I am so glad I can get this subject out of my head.