Declining Moral Fiber

From that title, you may be thinking I am on my soapbox, having been recently converted by a Presidential candidate some where further right than normal, maybe Huckabee or Romney? Don't worry folks, I am headed in a completely different direction.

This week our family was touched by a tragic accident that resulted in the loss of life. This person was living out a childhood dream, living life passionately. Millions of people don't seize the opportunity to live their life in such a manner. Maybe this is where my inner turmoil comes into play.

Often during times of crisis, I find myself turning to the web, for coverage. When I happened upon articles in various forums from reputable newspapers to message boards, I honestly was appalled and even haunted by the words written by people. I wonder why on earth would people go out of their way to write hateful and slanderous things about someone that has passed away?

I believe it's a reflection of the state of our society and even more pointedly, our declining moral fiber. I would define morality as one's ability to decipher between right and wrong, acting morally would be favoring the side of goodness, kindness. The fiber of course comes into play because it's one strength in character to act in the way they see right. I'm leaving it at that, for my own moral fiber waxes and wanes on any given hot topic. But I believe in the greater good, I believe in honoring life.

So why the loss of sleep? I am wholeheartedly saddened that people choose to use a tragedy as an opportunity to put others down. Why is it acceptable to write unfounded bullshit about someone you don't even know. Is this stemming from our society's ills and discontent? Is a guy in east bumble upset because he's stuck in a cubicle all day, commuting to a suburb, to come home to his wife in sweatpants, and hamburger helper on the dinner table? Did he once have a dream to become a race car driver or newspaper editor or a toy developer and never quite aspired to that dream? Now, he sits behind the anonymity of his computer and just looks for opportunities to express resentment?

Maybe I am being ridiculously slanderous myself with those assumptions. I am just trying to understand why. What makes another human tick? Why go out of your way to be angry? Yes, of course have passion enough to disagree, but have dignity and respect to move on. I can only think of this young man's mother happening upon an article only to find such disrespectful words. I guess that's what sets us apart, I linger on my thoughts, I ponder how they will affect others.

Our lives are struggles and celebrations, I hope our society can get to a place that recognizes tragedy and mourns the loss of life, whether we agreed or disagreed with the way someone's life was lived.


  1. People are making crappy comments about the ski accident? WTF?


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