Full Circle Moment

Last night we ordered out dinner. Old Chicago won out because we had a gift card and they have curbside pick up. On top of having someone prepare my dinner, I also wanted them to bring it out to my car. It just makes life so much more pleasurable to skip the going inside with the girls, hungry girls no less.

The parking lot is always a zoo at this location. Of course, when I roll up all three curbside pickup spots are taken. I park on the curb right out front and run in to tell them my name and that I have arrived. The curbside attendant was in the middle of something, so I was trying to get out of there and back into my car as soon as possible. I finally had the attention of the hostess and I gave her my name.

The hostess looked awfully familiar to me. After my frenzied state settled a bit, I took a closer look at the young girl behind the big wooden podium. Then I noticed her name.

It was one of my former fifth grade students, from about seven years ago. She lives in the same town as I do now and she attends the local high school. We chatted for a few minutes. I had to rush out because I left the girls waiting for me. I can't wait to return and see where life is taking her in the next year.

I am always amazed at how the universe seems to speak to us, if we just take a closer listen. I've been preparing the application to return to grad school to get my Master's in Literacy. I've made phone calls, have people all over writing me letters, faxing, photocopying, and digging up transcripts. Just in the past week, I've been thinking about my future and how I really do want to return to the classroom.

Seeing her, visiting with former colleagues, and physically being on site at a variety of schools just make it so real for me. All those little moments just add up to know what my heart wants is very on track with where I will be in a few years.


  1. I love hearing of that kind of synchronicity! I am so excited for you! KS

  2. Well, for this week anyway. And I'll know you'll be right on the boat with me for my next hair-brained bright idea! cheers ...


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