A Good Omen, Indeed!

I had a really strange experience with this bumper sticker in September. It was everywhere I turned, Berry Patch Farms, a red light near my house, and on the car in front of me at the bank drive through. It even prompted me to write this, Bumpersticker Omen! Now, I can agree, it was an omen, a good omen, indeed.

Fast forward to January and the political scene is blowing up. I love all the hoopla in a presidential election year. I am personally disappointed in myself that I have not re-registered as a Democrat. I've always been registered as an Independent.

I am going to miss out on Colorado's Primaries Caucus (I stand rightly corrected), which really bums me out.

Although I still don't have a personal front runner for the Democratic Party. I just know deep down, anyone other than a white man would be a refreshing change.

And more realistically, anyone other than a intellectually challenged Texan, would be a really refreshing change.

Take it or leave it, for what it is.

I am thrilled to see Barack did so well in Iowa. Good for him, now I really must get through The Audacity of Hope, I've owned it for 13 months. Sorry, Barack, I can't get past chapter 3. I promise to re-start the book tonight, for the third time. That Oprah, really does turn whatever she touches into gold, we can't forget her part in all of his success.

Being a native New Yorker, I think the east coast may create a bit of an uproar for those newly named front runners. New Hampshire is not known for their Evangelicals. Here's an interesting post on Mike Huckabee. I loved the timing of his Christmas Message with the subliminal cross in the background, seems like the whispers from a Karl Rove type.

Most generally speaking, I am not going to get too political around here. But, I can't just sit back while such excitement and change is on the forefront for the United States. This will be an election I will not miss, hopefully you'll realize how much your vote counts come November.

Fyi: Caucus Vs. Primary Lingo.


  1. I've only gotten mildly political; I figure I drive my husband crazy with screaming at the TV, no point in sharing that with the internets.
    I also need to read The Audacity of Hope; you've gotten farther than I have! LOL
    Can't believe I haven't seen this bumper sticker.
    I need to check my registration. Last I checked, I was registered Independent and I'm really hoping I changed that at some point. I'd really like to go caucus next month. That's the only thing Tom and I wish we could have still lived in Iowa for; the rest, uh, not so much. ; )

  2. Hi! Came here by way of BlogHer and loved this post. I totally agree. My favorite political Bumper Sticker is Wtf. Like those old W04 stickers. Too funny.
    I'm the ONLY liberal (following the recent death of my 94 year old Grandmother-in-law) in my husband's family, so I like to find kindred spirits whenever I can! My family's too far away!
    Take Care!

  3. Yes, you do need to check! I believe December 5th, was the magical cut off date in Colorado! Boo-hoo, sob sob!

    It's funny because living around Boulder I don't feel Liberal, I feel normal. Although in my town, I certainly am surrounded by more conservative thought. Election time around here is always so bizarre with the Liberal bubble affect.

    Colorado is soooo Red!


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