Hanging Out with Tom & Katie

"Wow, I think this is the most spectacular view I have ever seen, and no less it's from your walk in closet," I chimed with delight. The grounds were immaculately kept and as you would imagine the hills were rolling off into the distance. It reminded me of Tuscany. I could almost smell the flowers up into the third floor closet, in this palatial estate.

The feeling inside was a bit frenzied. We were getting ready for dinner out on the town. Katie was sitting in front of the mirror, giving her beautiful self, a quick touch up and adorning herself with some pearls. My brain was working over time to estimate the size of this closet I was standing in, which off I hand, I would have to approximate the size of my living room or better yet, the size of my entire living space main level.

Oh and by the way, yes-Katie, as in Katie Holmes-Cruise.

Katie asked me to hand Tom a blue light weight corduroy shirt that was just pressed by the butler, it was in arm's reach. I walked into the master suite and handed it to Tom that was just ending a phone call. He was in jeans and a white t-shirt. Very well put together. I casually handed him the shirt and added, "nice choice, huh?"

Tom smiled, "Katie has impeccable taste, wouldn't you agree?"

I walked back into the ginormous closet to continue my school girl conversation with Katie. I noticed something rather unusual this time around. Suri's dresses, or more formidably considered a two year olds' gowns, were all hung upside down. I thought to myself, well that is rather odd, I wonder why they are hung in such a manner? I didn't bother to mention it to Katie; after all, I didn't want to seem out of place hanging out with my pals, TomKat.

The phone rang and Tom picked up the multi-line receiver. The driver is here, let's get a move on.

Then I heard a whisper, "Mom, Mom, wake-up!"

It was Sj, at my ear, and the clock actually read 7:38.

How bizarre, I had been dreaming.

Which I must follow up with this:

NOTE TO SELF: If we should use valuable dream time to escape, I would hope you would consider a beach location, where I fit into a string bikini like Gisele Bundchen. I wouldn't also mind, if you feel the need to throw in celebrity or two, a re-acquaintance with my ex-Leonardo DiCaprio. Although, I would not be disappointed if it was Ben Harper whom was rubbing my back with s.p.f. 45 right before he bust out into some oceanside serenade. Please leave TomKat for tabloid magazine fodder. Thanks so much, your conscious self!


  1. Oh, isn't it nice to hob nob with the celebs? Even if it is in Dreamland?!
    On a separate note, Ben & Laura used to frequent the hotel I used to work at. I was a concierge and it was always my job to make a white Calla Lily boquet for her to take to her mother's grave. They were really nice. Even to us "little" people!

  2. Don't you hate it when even your dreams turn against you?

  3. I've met Ben a few times (with Laura once), he certainly is a humble man. I'll bring some Callas the next time to distract his wife!

  4. Last time I was pregnant, I got to kiss both Brad Pitt AND Bono. Just kiss, so I never even woke up feeling guilty. Bono kissed me at concert, right in front of everyone.

    They were the best dreams EVER.

  5. I had a dream last night that I was on a road trip in Peru with Vince Vaughn and Jason Yates. We were driving in one of those groovy conversion vans with the little checkerboard table.


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