Healing Mountains

I always seem to connect something small to a larger picture. Generally speaking, I feel like our universe seems to speak to us in ways we can choose to tune in or tune out. Obviously I prefer to tune in, read in between the lines, so to speak. Maybe it's silly or maybe I'm onto something.

Last week proved to be a very difficult week for us. We were dealing with loss and on top of it our family was separated.

Thursday night a friend called and unexpectedly invited us to the mountains (Winter Park) over the weekend. I imagine with out that call we would have never taken the opportunity to pick up and get out of town ourselves. Although, the mountains proved to be exactly what we needed.

We laughed a ton playing Apples To Apples. A game, I had never played before, but am tempted to run out and buy this very second. We cooked and ate together. Sj and J skied two days in a row, how amazing for them! I knit to my hearts content. Sj played and laughed with GL and her good friend, whom she hadn't stayed up late with in a long long time. Our friends embraced us in a way I needed more than I knew.

So, maybe it was a coincidence they called the weekend we absolutely needed to get away. Or if you are a believer like me, it's kind of funny the way the universe whispers when we most need it.


  1. Big time love it! KS and the picture is way too cute. Good Blogging!


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