Maybe My Day Isn't So Bad...

I've got a bad case of being overworked. I mean, not like I've been digging ditches all day and didn't get a bathroom or lunch break. More like, I went to Boulder to check out schools three times this week, my hubby has been away for a week, and all that rolled up into one makes me ready for the weekend. Plus the girls are anticipating some daddy time to expel some pent up, mommy has been in control all week energy.

Then I happen upon a peculiar blurb when I am reading my email. And I realize my week hasn't been so bad after all, both my children are safe and in my house with me. Pat my back, I think I deserve a good mom medal of honor.

Girl Left at Chuck E. Cheese for 2 Days!!!!

Here's the short of it, whatever clueless idiot that was in charge of this poor 2 year old girl, left her at C.E.C. The police picked her up on a Saturday and finally the dad called the police when he saw her photo on the news on MONDAY!!! Yes, it's true, full article here.

Now, this did happen in Texas, the home of our brilliant leader. Honestly, I don't think my four year old can play for a single minute with out a call out from me, checking in on her. I am constantly hovering around my children in public places. I can't really wrap my brain around leaving a public place with out one of my girls.

How can this be? Please Child Protective Services, save this little girl from the terrible circumstances she was born into. There are thousands of parents that could give her the love she deserves.


  1. OMG. How does that happen? I can't imagine having my kid in someone else's care for days at a time without ever checking on them! What is wrong with people? Get a damn phone!


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