Not So Happy, New Year!

Yesterday my brain was busy racing with ideas for my fist post of the new year. I thought it would contain grandiose resolutions and be brimming with feel good notions, so I could welcome 2008 on a positive note. I imagined casually lingering over my thoughts, typing away, with a hot chai in hand, the girls busy with their dad!

Instead, when my dear hubby was putting our new artificial tree into the crawlspace, he found some water on the floor....

Not just a puddle, but a good amount of water. Enough to soak the orange shag rug remnant that was left in there years ago.

Turns out our water heater has been leaking for quite sometime. Well, at least a week or two. And guess what today is? A National Holiday. Everyone is home, enjoying the weekday off. And me, not enjoying the stress.

On top of the holiday and NO hot water (which isn't sooo bad-for now!) we have an unusual size water heater. It's in our crawlspace, so we can't just walk into Lowe's or Home Depot, pick out a shiny new one and order a plumber to install it. This is where we mumble, special order- 2 weeks or even better yet, they may not make those anymore, they've been phased out!?!

We have to wait. I have to cry. And, I have to hope this month will turn around as soon as possible.

So, considering the above situation, not knowing when it will be fixed, we may be staying in a lovely hotel. I'll be back, just not so sure when. Did I mention my hubby is headed on a business trip this week on top of it.

Yeah, not so happy new year around this place!


  1. This is just a loving reminder from the universe that you are indeed ready to make any changes that you have put out there. You are just receiving a generous head start! Hapy New Year! And Happy Hot water heater changes which will lead to many more new and fresh starts. Love, KS

  2. But on the bright least he was home when this was discovered! Oy. What a mess...

  3. what is very bizarre about this whole process is that I feel more connected to the old place..heck, if I'm doing all this work, I want to enjoy it..


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