Taking The Plunge

My decision happened rather abruptly, although I would not go as far to say that it happened on a whim. I am hardly the type to make life altering changes on a whim, but I suppose it could happen. After spending loads of time visiting elementary schools for Open Enrollment, I realized my time had come. I decided to apply to go back to school.

I mulled it over in my head for a few days. I perused the University Of Colorado, School of Education website in the middle of the night. I looked over the check list for Graduate School requirements and realized there was close to nothing holding me back from getting my Masters Degree in Literacy. The application deadline was February 1st and I decided to apply, oh around January 14th. Two weeks, plenty of time. Luckily, in this whole decision came the good fortune of not having to have taken any entrance exams, if you had a minimum G.P.A. Thank goodness, surprisingly I did.

I've considered Grad School many times over the years, but I never really had the courage to apply. At one point I almost convinced myself to go back to school for my M.B.A. Now, I would love own a business, but could I really see myself rubbing elbows in the classroom with a bunch of suits-by-day?? Probably not. I knew I wouldn't back out this time from applying, if I called my references and discussed my decision with them. They were all so supportive, I knew it was my time to go for it.

I am going to start slow. Technically, if I get into the program I have four years to finish it. Although I don't want to lengthen my time back in school, I feel hopeful that the program allows for non-traditional students to participate in the program. By the time I am done with the program, GL will be entering Kindergarten or close to it. Sj will be in third grade. Wow, third grade. The time will be just right for me, to ease my way back into the classroom or if I chose as a literacy support staff position.

I haven't received the details on the admissions process after submitting my application. At this point I am unsure of when the decision will be made, but I will be patient. Gosh, my mail man has a very important job in the month coming. Sj's Open Enrollment decision and my Graduate School admissions letter!

I suppose in the mean time I should get plenty of reading for pleasure in because soon enough i'll be up to my ears in professional articles and textbooks. Imagine that!


  1. I'm excited for you new endeavor and can't wait to hear about your progress. Something for you, how wonderful. MH


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