Thursday Thirteen: Second Edition

Thirteen More Reasons To Smile:
  1. Walking into a school that feels like home.

  2. Hot water on demand.

  3. Not one runny nose under this roof (knock on wood).

  4. A friend that cooks you dinner, takes your child to a movie & dinner, and watches her yet again-so I can neurotically tour a gazillion schools while my hubby is out of town.

  5. Email notification my book on hold is waiting for me at the library.

  6. Tomorrow is Friday.

  7. Watching Sj & GL actively engage in play together, today it was cooking in their play kitchen.

  8. The gorgeous orchid I received for my birthday is still blooming.

  9. A new baby boy in our family.

  10. J is coming home from the east coast tonight!

  11. I actually envisioned myself back in the classroom teaching again.

  12. My daily chai tea.

  13. Curbing spending, ten days going strong. Gosh, I hope that's not premature. Ha!


  1. I am really needing to do this exercise, especially after the week I've had....
    1) I absolutely love how supportive and understanding my husband is when it comes to my parents.
    2) I love that my daughter loves to be silly and laughs with me everyday.
    3) I love that my son says "thank you honey."
    4) I am so happy I've found a women's gym to destress and focus.
    5) I can't wait to read "Eat, Pray Love" so I can be inspired.
    6) It's the weekend with just my beautiful husband and children.
    7) There are other puppies out there that will make a great dog, and we know how to make that happen.
    8) I am a good listener and a caring person, despite the fact some people don't take it to heart.


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