What Makes Me Different Vol. 4

So, aiming for the 25th of every month to do my W.M.M.D. But alas, it's January and I am bringing it back, just a few days late. You'll forgive me right?

What Makes Me Different, Or So I think!

  • I would rather receive a bouquet of wildflowers than roses.

  • My biggest distraction at night is Bravo's reality television shows.

  • I still feel like the last 2 Presidential Elections were UNFAIRLY won.

  • I feel an overwhelming sense of nurturing when I cook for others.

  • My good intentions are sometimes overshadowed by my lack of motivation.

  • I am currently volunteering as a Board Member for the year in MOMs Club.

  • I yearn for a President that is progressive and will be the J.F.K. of my generation.

  • I borrow cookbooks from the library before deciding if I must absolutely own them.

  • I want to become proficient in Bento Lunch making before Sj starts school in August.

  • I love watching J and Sj dancing to the Ariel Soundtrack, it makes me smile to see the choreography they have down!

  • I've become content hanging out most days with the girls, rather than running around from place to place like I was accustomed to the last few years.

  • I can't wait to live in Italy someday!

As always, if this post has sparked something in you, I would love to hear it in a reply!