Yes, You Are Definitely Mine!

Having a 4 year old, I feel many whispers through out the day, which are like subtle reminders convincing me that the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree. Let's take for example her recent phase, where Sj is consumed with a particular doll or stuffed animal and their accompanying accessories. She makes up a ziploc bag of accessories, with play food, ribbons, adoption certificates, and toys for her toys. Trust me she knows exactly what is in each bag. It's rather odd to me.

But then I realize, I don't even get to the Post Office with out toting an armful of things myself. I mean, how could I possibly run through the drop off box with out 10 wipes, 3 diapers, a water bottle for each of us, snacks, and a change of clothes. Or if it's cold, the mandatory extra gloves and hat in case are car breaks down (my 2004 car that is). You know the Post Office is about a half mile from my home in the center of town. But none the less, I tote things around like I was traveling to Europe. Apparently my daughter enjoys doing the same for her make-believe friends.

Which really leads me to bedtime. She has been restricted to just taking the American Girl Doll or Stuffed Animal to bed because I can't handle seeing her curled in a ball to make room for her various pile of junk in the twin bed beside her. Instead, every night Sj lines up her favorite things/accessories of the day, neatly on the couch. Which is getting very old, considering it is one of my favorite nightly rituals to sprawl out on every inch of the same couch, after the girls are fast asleep.

Last night Sj was searching around for about 5 minutes downstairs, while I was patiently waiting to read her some bedtime stories. I could hear her becoming more frantic and with each step becoming further removed from a bedtime reality.

Me: Sj what in the world are you doing?

Sj: Looking for Samantha's purse, It must be lost!!!

Me: It's bedtime and if you don't get up here, I'll be asleep before you. Which means no stories tonight.

Sj: Runs to my side, Mom it's ok, tears welling up in her eyes, I'll find it in the morning.

Yes of course, I got up, found Samantha's little velvet purse, containing a doll size hand embroidered hanky and a penny. I knew Sj would never settle in with the thought that the purse could be lost somewhere.

Me: Are we better now?

Sj: Mom you're the best!

See one of the big moments for me is that I can not comfortably rest if a series of tasks have not been completed and quite honestly more times than not, even double checked.

My mental list goes something like this:

All lights off, except for the wall sconce and front porch light.

Double locks in place on front and french doors.I fear Sj will slip out the front door, as she can undo the lower lock, while I am hob-nobbing with Hollywood Royalty in my sleep.

The humidifier must be on, with the tank filled, and the filter flipped.

And lastly, but most neurotically, if by chance I took off my wedding rings during preparation or clean up of dinner and set them on the counter, I must put them back on my fingers or at least have them in the same room with me. My biggest worry is that they will be stolen in the middle of the night by a black cloaked bandit. My theory is if they want my rings, they must take my fingers as well.

Makes you exhausted doesn't it? I wonder why I fall asleep by 8:30 on nights when J is out of town. What a mental marathon my brain is jogging. At least some part of me is getting exercise.