10 Things You'll Never Hear Me Say..

Oh gosh, a huge thanks to Jen, for tagging me today.My mommy life is on overdrive as daddy is off "working" cough-cough in Japan. My hubby LOVES all things Japanese including heavily mercury laden sushi, so spending 9 days there isn't quite what I would consider work. Although the whole time change-jet lag thing will rear it's ugly head when he returns like last year, I do recall.

So, to my friends that have taken on blogging in the past month, I tag Jennie, Melissa, and Kathleen to have a go at this one!

10 Things You'll Never Hear Me Say:

1. Sj, you want Chicken McNuggets or a Cheeseburger with your Happy Meal?

2. Sorry Ben, I'm married. (that's a joke...)

3. Hubbs, let's drive to New York to visit the family this summer.

4. I bought that at Walmart.

5. Did you catch President Bush's inspirational radio address on Saturday?

6. Hey, can you pour the rest of that diet coke in GL's sippy cup?

7. Oh, my hair color, yes it's completely natural!

8. Do you have these jeans in a size 2?

9. Can I bum a smoke?

10. Senator John McCain is going to be an amazing President.


  1. Love it, give me a week and i will get round to it!

  2. Hahahaha, that's great! I'll definitely get to it too after I post my blog about my trip to the national zoo today.


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