All Things Colorado

Life in Colorado is a wonderful thing. 48 hours just isn't enough sometimes, but we did a darn good job with the time we had. Magic Carpet Time! Copper Mountain, Colorado. Hey, Wait For Me! This is when GL threw herself on the ground pouting because she couldn't go with her big sister!Zooming Down The Hill! My intent was not to cut out J's head, but they were coming straight for me at quite a pace!Let's Do A Figure 8! That was Sj's Mantra the entire time....Pit Stop at Q4U in Frisco, to pick up some local favorite BBQ for the Big Game Today, Go New York!


  1. Those pictures are GREAT! Were you and Sj ice skating? MH

  2. Duh, I see your comment on the figure 8. Of course you were. How was it?


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