Bento Lottery

I've hit the Bento Lottery! Before my hubby's trip to Japan, I bombarded him with photos of bentos and the accompanying accessories that he must seek out for me. Well, the hubby did good (in the bento dept). He returned with a bento for everyone in the family. Sj already had a bento from his trip last year, so now she has a second, which is good because i'll be packing her lunch come fall.

With supplies on hand, the pressure is on to pack creative and healthy lunches in these sweet boxes. Yes, I will be sure to photograph my creations, hopefully they'll prove to be blog worthy.

Two of my favorite Bento Blogs- Bento Corner and Lunch in a Box. Both women are bento geniuses, so I guess I am setting the bar high!I am assuming my bentos will be a tad more Americanized. Enjoy!
***********The Cutest Bento Accessories!***************

On a side note, I swear you sense no sadness that I did not receive a Mikimoto Pearl Necklace.


  1. Oh my goodness I love those! I checked out those Bento websites and I would love to do that for Ms. E. Where's a good place in the states to get one of those?

  2. i thought about my octopus hot dogs with ketchup waves and grape tomato jellyfish...and there they were! too funny!

  3. Ohhhhh....I love these! I don't have room for bento boxes, but I'll find room! How fun!


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