Hoping For the Perfect Gift....

It's crunch time in my gift giving world. My hubby's birthday is just around the corner, Monday to be exact and I have officially missed the deadline to order a gift online. sigh.

I would have ordered something earlier in the week, if that something had appeared to me in a dream, a passing thought, or a wonderful idea. But what exactly I am going to buy has not arrived in my consciousness yet. nothing.

I am sort of stuck with my hubby. He likes to buy clothing for himself, as well as recreational toys, and to top it off he's in his favorite place in the world, so truly he can buy what ever his heart desires. Which leaves me, with more dead ends.

I had one passing thought, a new windshield and tires for his truck. Which basically is the equivalent of him buying me a vacuum cleaner and a mop. Very practical, but not very let's celebrate another year on earth!

So what's the hubby equivalent to a beautiful piece of jewelry or say a handbag monogrammed with L's & V's?? I know he would love a single speed mountain bike. But does my hubby already have 6 bicycles in our garage or shed...yes..can he get slamming deal on bicycles which I don't have access to, yes. Would it be a waste of money for me to buy him one, yes. Would he be thrilled, yes.

Cry, Fret, Surrender.