How To Make A Mom Crap Her Pants

As I was sitting in the Docs office with my 14 month old fevery child, the Dr. examined her. Lungs are clear, ears are perfect, throat wonderful. Temperature elevated.

This is where I think, no shit Sherlock.

Then the Dr. throws out there, I think we should do a flu test!

A flu test? GL was throwing up yesterday, her very first bout of a stomach bug. To go with her very first lollipop! Today she was running a temperature, so they wanted to see her.

The Flu B test came back negative.

Geez, nothing like trying to give a totally underslept, barely ate or drank a thing all day, puke stained, about-to-cry mom a darn heart attack.


  1. Sucks. When Dylan was 9 months he had an "episode" (complete with HIGH fever, febrile seizure and ambulance ride to the emergency room) that was later described to us as "non-specific viral infection." Helpful. Really.

    Hope she's feeling better. In our house, lollipops make everything better. And they don't taste so bad coming back up. Yuck.

  2. Yikes! I hate when the girls get sick.

    To top off my awesome experience, the doctor says to me, It's Flu B, the B is for Bad!

    I was like wtf? I will happily report it wasn't our normal dr. it was a new dr. to the practice!


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