It's Not Only The Air I Breathe

After a MOMs Club board meeting tonight, a few of us were having a chat. Seems as if the settling in of cold and wintery days combined with husbands coming home after sunset has left us all feeling a bit overworked and underappreciated.I hate to say I felt a sense of relief when I realized I wasn't alone, but rather like a weight being lifted off my shoulders.

If you could have only seen the three of us (& lil' I), all fidgeting in the cold, but not wanting to leave because we needed to hear each other in that moment. I desperately needed to hear that I wasn't stranded on the island of overwhelmed by myself. We probably could have completed each others sentences, our emotions were that similar. So yes, what ever is going on with many of us, is in the air so to speak.

I think if we could fast forward to a warmer spring day, just after a walk or a trip to the park, sun shining, birds chirping, maybe a cup of iced chai in our hands, we would be dealing with our issues in a different way. I know we would.

Generally speaking it makes me contemplate why I always pull back from my friends during a time when I need to be surrounded by them the most? When their words and kindness bring a smile to my face and just make the day so much better. This phenomenon is a pattern with me which is clearly something I need to work on.


  1. You know I do the same thing too! Yes, it is always so nice to have adult conversation during these LONG winter months. It makes it go by faster. I will take your advice and call a friend :)

  2. I blame February. It's the desire to just curl up and pray for the month to end. To just lock up all feelings because it's too cold and miserable (except today, it's gorgeous) to let them out. It takes extreme effort to go out in February, and I'm making myself do it.
    I miss being in my moms' group; it was good getting out once a week.


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