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My original intention when starting this blog, was for it to be positive. That would be the "it makes you smile" part. I feel like it's hard to escape the negativity our society seems to be breeding these days. So if I can feed into the positive, maybe I can spread some cheer. Well, today is a day that happens only once every 4 years, so today might just happen to be a day I need to vent a bit.

Remember a few days ago when I was stressing over my hubby's birthday gift? Well, I did the usually mulling over of gift ideas, then made the trek to the local stores that carry things he would potentially find appealing.

I went to a locally owned sports store that specializes in cycling clothing. J is a fan of Pearl Izumi clothing, so it's a typical I-Can't-Go-Wrong-Gift. If you knew J, you would know cycling & knickers go together like peanut butter and jelly. Well, apparently the perfect Pearl Izumi Cycling Knickers I bought him, weren't so perfect. When he tried them on, he was fricking and fracking over a seam that went down the front of the legs. Yes, you may be thinking like I did, the seam is bugging you? Anyway, there was no mention of returning or not my style, on the morning of the birthday.

And..the other gifts I purchased went a little like this, "That t-shirt is going to be too small, I wear a Large in the slim fit. Does this wallet have a place for money? I am not sure about the single button on this shirt, I like more than one button, I guess I could wear a t-shirt under it!"

Which to me means, this sucks, I don't like this, and nice try. I guess I had about as much luck as these poor folks, playing Press Your Luck.

So fast forward to today. We are sitting on the couch, after dinner, when this casually slips into our conversation.

J- So, how much did you pay for those knickers?

Me- I don't know they were 30% off. Like $50 bucks with tax. Why?

J- Because there were a pair of knickers I saw online that I REALLY WANT.

After I say, I am never going to buy you an article of clothing again. Not sure how hormonally charged that statement was, but at this point I am mad.

Which drives me straight to the mall to return the knickers. Yes, 8 pm on a Friday night, at the mall with all the tweens and teens, and over tired preschoolers that are being dragged around by their clueless parents. The damn store was closed. Figures. Guess he'll have to make the return.

I even walked into the mall to buy some kettle corn, which I never ever buy. Turns out something was wrong with their machine and they only had regular popcorn. Damn it. I guess I'll be watching Becoming Jane with my box of Thin Mints instead.

Tomorrow will be a normal calendar day and hopefully my mood will return to normal as well.


  1. Suckage. I'm sorry! I think husbands are all a bit wonky this last week, no idea why. :( Hang in there.

  2. welcome to my world-he has probably returned 80% of the gifts I have bought him in 25 years or so-reason #1 for the $ this year! :) hubby here does not give me gifts anymore without the recipt attached so I guess Im guilty as well of being a picky gift recipient but I appreciate the gesture..having never posted a comment you will have to tell me if this works- I don't have a google account...GD

  3. Wow. Sounds just like Mr. Farklepants. A simple "thank you" would have sufficed.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. Sorry to hear that! Maybe just a gift certificate next time so he can pick out his own things.


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